21-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Tony and Peter Sawbridge in Dec. 2012 – Jan. 2013, in Sri Lanka.



Now that we are finally back in the UK – somewhat different weather, its -4 C and there is snow on the ground! I would like to say many thanks for all the arrangements for our trip to Sri Lanka. Everything went very well, the accommodation was as good as we expected and the order of the trip went very smoothly. so thanks for sorting it all out. We especially enjoyed Martins Place in Sinharaja and would have happily stayed longer!

Once again, many thanks for all your assistance



(January 25, 2013)

14-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Gordon and Janet Ellis in Jan. 2013, in Sri Lanka.



I thought that I ought to write and thank you for the great holiday had with you recently. Thank you for all your efforts to make it such a good holiday-we really enjoyed it.

Best wishes,



(February 19, 2013)

16-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Angela and Peter Ewer in Mar. – Apr. 2013, in Sri Lanka.


“Dear All

We have recently returned from a great holiday in Sri Lanka.


We would like to thank everyone for arranging and making our trip so enjoyable.  Special thanks must go to Lester for his unfailing help and good company.  He worked really hard to find many good birds and animals.  He was also very helpful over the accommodation and food requirements and went out of his way to help and make sure we had a good holiday and that we saw as much as possible.  …  It was always comfortable in the vehicle and as we spent a fair amount of time in it, it was much appreciated.


All in all we had a fantastic holiday and would definitely recommend your company to anyone.


Thanks again for a memorable trip.


Best wishes

Angela & Pete Ewer”


(April 19, 2013)

7-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Cindy and Cole Northup in Sep. 2013, in Sri Lanka.


“Dear Deepal,

I would like to tell you that our Sept. 9 to Sept. 15 birding tour was a success despite the rain. Through the untiring efforts of Dulan Ranga, we were able to see and photograph many new birds as well as insects, mammals, and reptiles. Dulan has unbelievable eye sight to spot wildlife and tremendous knowledge of the flora and fauna. He was kind enough to help me with my photography. We enjoyed his leadership, concern for our well-being, and his enthusiasm for the success of our tour. Cindy expressed an interest in bats and Dulan took us to some interesting places to observe them… So we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and gained much from it and we feel Dulan made the success possible.

I also want to acknowledge the professional driving ability of Chandana Hettiarachchi. We felt at all times safe in his hands. And to add to all that, he was nice to be with also.

Thank you and best wishes,

Cindy and Cole Northup.”


(October 1, 2013)

10-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Jane Zucker and Rafael Campos-Ramirez in Nov. – Dec. 2013, in Sri Lanka.


“Hi Dulan:

Our trip to your homeland was one of the best Jane & I have had in years. Specially with your efforts to find and show us all the birds possible.  

Happy Holydays:

Rafa Campos R”


(December 25, 2013)