Bird Watching Tours – Testimonials 2012

08-day Endemic Bird Tour organized for Marco della Seta in Jan. 2012, in Sri Lanka.
… I hope It’s not too late to express my appreciation and gratitude for the very successful birding trip you organized and led. I am conscious that the schedule I gave you was very tight and I think you did a very good job at squeezing in it all the possible target birds. I am very satisfied with both the guiding and the company and appreciate your skills and commitment at finding all the birds.

Thank you again and all the best
Marco della Seta”
(January 31, 2012)

21-day Bird watching, Wildlife and Culture Tour organized for Ingetraut Kuehn & Dr. Helmut Laussmann  in Feb. – Mar. 2012, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Deepal and all other members of the Bird and Wildlife Team,
Back to Germany and work again we like to thank you very much for perfectly organizing a really great birding holiday including some outstanding cultural experiences and nice beach days! It was a highlight to hold a hand signed exemplar of your recently appearing new book “Birds of Sri Lanka” in our hands already in February.

We will highly recommend you and your tour company to our birder friends. Our trip report including pictures is in preparation.       

Best wishes to you all, and: Ayubovan!
Ingetraut & Helmut
(Germany, 08th Mar. 2012)”

08-day Birding and Mammal watching Tour organized for Mike and Rose Collard in Feb. – Mar. 2012, in Sri Lanka.

“Hi Deepal,

Rose and I wanted to say thanks you for arranging our trip; both the guys were great, so friendly and helpful and a pleasure to have as company.

We saw what we wanted to see. I am sure we will see your lovely country again

Sincerely and thanks
Mike and Rose”
(March 12, 2012)

10-day Endemic Bird Tour organized for Luc Fazio & group in Dec. 2012, in Sri Lanka.

“In early December 2012 Deepal Warakagoda guided us, four Canadians, on a birdwatching tour of beautiful Sri Lanka.

Personally and on behalf of Dan + Roberta, and Irving, I would like to THANK Deepal very, very, very much for making our trip to lovely Sri Lanka a memorable accomplishment!

It was because of his depth of knowledge, his love of Sri Lanka’s birds & wildlife, his generosity with time and persistent effort that allowed us to accomplish a successful view of all the Sri Lanka ENDEMICS plus most of the Southern India shared birds.

We will not forget the Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush (Zoothera imbricata), Serendip Scops Owl, Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Green-billed Coucal, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Bush-Warbler, etc..etc..etc.. because of Deepal’s outstanding guiding and planning.

I would recommend the “Bird and Wildlife Team”  company to anyone that wishes to see Sri Lanka panoramic natural world, be it for a few days or more than two weeks. They are professionals that know where the birds are and how to best see them. Truly, it was a satisfying experience in Sri Lanka with the “Bird and Wildlife Team”.

Luc Fazio,  Mississauga; Ontario, Canada”
(January 16, 2013)

13-day Bird watching and Cultural Tour organized for Stephen Browne and Anna Lyons in Dec. 2012, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Deepal
 Many thanks for your help in arranging our trip to Sri Lanka, we have just returned home after a very memorable and enjoyable tour.

We’d especially like to say a big thank you to our guide, who was exceptional and a pleasure to be with – helpful, patient, kind and keen to please. He was extremely knowledgeable with a sharp eye and we were very surprised about his level of expertise.

We will definitely return to Sri Lanka in the future…
Best wishes,
Anna and Stephen”

(December 13, 2012)

12-day Bird watching and Wildlife Tour organized for Mirjam and Leo Schilperoord in Dec. 2013, in Sri Lanka.

“Hello Deepal,

We came back home yesterday after a very successful trip. The whole tour went smooth and without any difficulties.

Our guide was very good. He knows the species very well and also knows where and how to find them and point out where they are. He really did everything to make us feeling happy and find all the birds, never showing any signal of becoming tired and always alert for birds and our safety. Even on the very last day he managed to find Serendib Scops Owl.

So we are very satisfied about this tour and would certainly recommend any other birders to use your service.

Thank for organizing this tour and make it an unforgettable experience for us.

Mirjam and Leo Schilperoord”
[The Netherlands]
(January 2, 2014)