Day 4 (13th March):

The rain had gone and it was beautiful and sunny as we crossed the river before 0600. The whole morning was spent on the forest trail, walking no more than 1km perhaps; and with a welcome stop for ginger tea at a forest dwelling. Very civilised!
We managed to see seven endemics during the morning in the shape of not one, but four Red Faced Malkohas together plus a Crimson Backed Flameback, Chestnut Backed Owlet at its nesting tree with a perched calling Indian Pitta close by, calling Spot Winged Thrush, stunning looking Ceylon Scimitar Babblers, Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl around the forest house and great views of a male Sri Lanka Spurfowl. Especially the Spurfowl, a species which can elude even the most experienced forest birders.

And last but not least, views of the star bird the recently discovered Serendib Scops Owl completed our stay at Kitulgala.

Back to the lodge for lunch then onwards to Sinharaja, a leisurely 5 hour drive with a stop for tea at a roadside café. Like yesterday it was gloomy and raining by late afternoon and by the time we arrived at The Blue Magpie Lodge it was dark. A few minor additions to the bird list en route the highlight being a Crested Serpent Eagle at its roadside nest site.