Jon Hall’s Mammal tour -December 2010 – Uditha Hettige 2010-11-10

I led a special mammal tour for Jon Hall. Jon Hall is an avid mammal watcher who runs the ‘mammal’ website and currently he is the world No. 1 mammal lister! This was a short special mammal tour. His request was us to suggest a best possible itinerary to see maximum number of mammals in three spare days in his business visit to Sri Lanka.

So I suggested to do a tour in Sigiriya, since it is one our best locations for wildlife and can do it with a minimal travel time during a short visit like this of Jon’s. The tour was very successful, we had 32 species less than 72 hours! Jon’s tour report of this mammal tour with us can be read at –
Lesser False Vampire Bat

Lesser False Vampire Bat (Megaderma spasma). At an abandon house in Sigiriya.