Just Tiger Tour

Just Tiger Tour
Kanha N.P and extension to Bharatpur , Ranthambore,
8th February to 23rd February

216 species of birds including Himalayan Ruby-throat which was the highlight. 21 Species of Mammals were observed.
Fourteen tiger sightings and two leopard sightings at Kanha N.P, while one tiger sighting at Ranthambhore and one leopard sighting of mother and three cubs.

Just Tiger Tour
Kanha N.P and extension to Chambal and Bharatpur
7th March to 22nd March

266 species of birds Including Himalayan Ruby-throat and Siberian Ruby-throat at the same spot in Kanha N.P Other interesting observations were Indian Skimmers, Sand Lark, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, and Black-bellied Terns at Chambal.

Nineteen mammal species were observed off which included 11 tiger sightings and 4 Leopard sightings .

Just Tiger Tour
Kanha N.P and extension to Bharatpur N.P and Ranthambore N.P
21st March to 04th April

241 species of birds including excellent views of Blue-bearded Bee-eater, and Chestnut Bittern at Kanha While a White-browed Bushchat and an Eastern Orphean Warbler at Ranthambore

Nine Tiger sightings at Kanha N.P and three at Ranthambore N.P. while the three leopard sightings were at Kanha N.P

Just Tiger Tour
Kanha N.P
O4st April to 16th April

166 species of birds including 30 plus White-rumped Vultures in Kanha N.P.
Eight Tiger sightings and two leopard sightings.