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Whale and Dolphin Watching in Sri Lanka

Five species of Baleen Whales and 22 species of Toothed Whales and Dolphins have been recorded in the Sri Lankan waters. Of these 8 or more species of the latter groups of cetaceans are encountered out at sea regularly.

Of the above occurring cetaceans we often encounter Blue and Sperm Whales on pelagic excursions. Large pods of Long-snouted Spinner Dolphins are met with, and on occasion these parties include other species of dolphins such as Bottle-nosed, Risso’s, Striped and Spotted. For more information.

Species Regular Often Occasional Rare
Blue whale *
Fin whale *
Brydes whale *
Minky whale *
Humpback whale *
Sperm whale *
Pygmy Sperm whale *
Dwarf Sperm whale *
Cuvier`s beaked whale *
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale *
Blainville`s Beaked whale *
Southern bottlenose whale *
Killer whale *
False killer whale *
Pygmy killer whale *
Melon headed whale *
Short-finned pilot whale *
Risso’s dolphin *
Rough-toothed dolphin *
Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin *
Bottlenose dolphin *
Common dolphin *
Fraser’s dolphin *
Long snouted Spinner dolphin *
Pantropical spotted dolphin *
Striped dolphin *
Finless porpoise *