New Swarovski optics for Bird and Wildlife Team

Bird and Wildlife Team is now getting ready for the tours in the coming season. There are many birding, wildlife and special mammal watching tours booked with the team and are commencing from this month onwards. They also ran a few tours in the ‘off season’ during the past months. Just before the tours for the season start the team members made a filed outing to test their new optics.

Swarovski Optik, Austria became the official optic partner of Bird and Wildlife Team and as the result the team members are now equipped with the state-of- the-art birding optics of Swarovski. They visited recently a wetland in Colombo in a morning and tested the new optics on birds, and amazed with the superb Images of the birds in both distant and close, produced in the new EL and SLC binoculars and ATX spotting scopes. The team members are eagerly waiting to observe birds and other animals at different habitats in Sri Lanka (rainforests, cloud forests, dry monsoonal forests, grasslands, scrublands and wetlands) with their new optics on the forthcoming tours. The clients going to be on the tours with the team will also have great opportunity to observe the birds and the other wildlife through the new Swarovski ATX spotting scopes.

A team member and an acclaimed Sri Lankan bird and wildlife photographer Uditha also tested result of digiscoping the birds with his new ATX 30-70×95 spotting scope combined with his Canon DSLR camera during this filed outing.