Watching pelagic birds: There are about 20 species of pelagic birds annually migrating to the coastal waters of Sri Lanka . This includes interesting species in Indian Ocean such as Barau’s Petrel, Jouanin’s Petrel, Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel, etc. We organize off shore boat trips to watch these species, on request. Please see ‘ Table 2 ‘ below for the list of pelagic birds found off Sri Lanka. For more information

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Pelagic birds which are possible to find on special excursions during certain periods:

Table 2 : pelagic birds found off Sri Lanka
Barau’s Petrel – Pterodroma barauiRare Reguler
Bulwer’s Petrel – Bulweria bulweriiRareReguler
Jouanin’s Petrel – Bulweria fallaxRareReguler
Wedge-tailed Shearwater – Puffinus pacificusCommonReguler
Flesh-footed Shearwater – Puffinus carneipesCommonReguler
Short-tailed Shearwater – Puffinus tenuirostrisRare 
Persian Shearwater – Puffinus persicus UncommonReguler
Wilson’s Storm-petrel – Oceanites oceanicusCommonReguler
Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel – Oceanodroma monorhisRareReguler
White-tailed Tropicbird – Phaethon lepturus RareReguler
Red-billed Tropicbird – Phaethon aethereus CommonReguler
Masked Booby – Sula dactylatra UncommonReguler
Brown Booby – Sula leucogaster UncommonReguler
Red-footed Booby – Sula sula Rare 
Lesser Frigatebird – Fregata ariel UncommonReguler
Great Frigatebird – Fregata minor UncommonReguler
Christmas Frigatebird – Fregata andrewsiRare 
Brown Skua – Catharacta antarctica UncommonReguler
South Polar Skua – Catharacta maccormickiRare 
Pomarine Jaeger – Stercorarius pomarinus UncommonReguler
Long-tailed Skua – Stercorarius longicaudusUncommonReguler