With the advent of digital photography tourism related picture taking has greatly increased. At present no tour is complete without photos with which a traveller could reminisce over the years of journeys to other parts of the world.

We highlight here a different aspect of photography, of birds, mammals, other animals or other natural subjects, where exceptional efforts are needed. It is here that the expertise of our team becomes important. This is suggested by the slogan ‘Our team is our strength’, which indicates also the team’s unmatched abilities in leading special photographic tours – though over the years our highly experienced leaders have been quietly advising photographers in our usual tours.

Photographic opportunities in Sri Lanka 
Every moment is an opportunity, from the beaches and fishery harbors to the rice fields and their associated customs, tea plantations in the hills, and the Buddhist culture revolving around the innumerable temples and shrines. There is no end to the variety offered by this island’s unique way of life. Sri Lanka has great diversity in its scenic beauty and unique wildlife, and an array of opportunities for any photographer. All this in an easily traversed and breathtaking island with a long coastal line, plains around the central hills reaching up to 200 meters within a short distance, and then the highlands. This is very much unlike any other country on earth.

Photographing birds and wildlife
Sri Lanka has unique island ecosystems and a great number of unique species and subspecies. The island is a global hotspot with its varied habitats and high faunal and floral diversity. Be it Leopards, Blue Whales or Asian Elephants we have them all, and an array of other mammal species. They need special skills and patience to photograph, with knowledge of various sites and “stakeouts” assisting greatly in this. In bird photography our help may be still more useful, with our tour experience of over two decades. The opportunities are limitless to encounter with expert guidance.

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Quality of photography assistance in our team
Our company’s ability and skills in assisting a photographer at any level is unmatched in Sri Lanka.
Most birding and wildlife tour groups include photographers, but an ordinary tour may not be ideally suited for an ardent photographer. The conditions for a good picture require time and patience, and local knowledge on the required subject.

The avant-garde wildlife photographer, whether a beginner on a new footing or a professional, benefits from guidance or assistance in the skills needed in finding subjects at their sites, and finding the right conditions needed for that ultimate shot. With also the inevitable advance of photographic equipment and technology, one needs such expertise to rectify difficulties one sometimes faces, and to acquire the necessary remedy right away.

Our photographic tour leaders are highly acclaimed, experienced and up-to-date. Their work has been acknowledged and been published in many books, journals and magazines locally and internationally.

Our aim is that our client accomplishes his/her goals on an exclusively tailored tour centered upon his/hers requirements.

Our tour leaders for photographic tours

Uditha Hettige
Uditha Photographic 1Uditha is a highly acclaimed wildlife photographer, and his work appears in many publications internationally as well as locally. His interest in wildlife photography extends over two decades progressing from film to digital from the inception of the digital age of photography, and he is very sound with regard to the latest developments. Uditha has travelled and photographed birds and other wildlife in India, Thailand and the Andaman Islands, too.



Palitha Antony Tour leader 1Palitha Antony
Palitha is one of the most reputed wildlife photographers in Sri Lanka, with three highly acclaimed publications on the subject to his credit. His interest in photography extends from birds to mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, to flora, and other subjects. His knowledge and experience in wildlife photography ranges over two decades progressing from conventional film to digital. Palitha’s interest has led him to photograph birds and other wildlife of India and Africa too.



Dulan Photographic.jpgDulan Ranga Vidanapathirana
Dulan, without doubt, is one of the most fanatical naturalists and wildlife photographers in Sri Lanka, with many new and rare species of fauna to his credit. With his eye for photography and knowledge of digital advances, he could be considered to be at the beginning of a new generation of photographers. Dulan has extensively travelled in all the habitats throughout the country in search of all kinds of fauna for research purposes.



Senehas PhotographicSenehas Karunarathne
Senehas, apart from being an avid birder, has been a photographer for over a decade, and is one of the most enthusiastic bird photographers in Sri Lanka, with many rare species recorded and photographed. He is well up to date with the latest developments in digital photography. Senehas has travelled extensively to wildlife destinations throughout the country photographing birds in different habitats.