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Helm Wildlife Guides. Birds of Sri Lanka. 2022. Deepal Warakagoda, Uditha Hettige and Himesha Warakagoda

* Authors are members of Bird and Wildlife Team

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Helm Field Guides. Birds of Sri Lanka. 2012. Deepal Warakagoda*, Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp and Richard Grimmett
* Co-author Deepal Warakagoda is a member of Bird and Wildlife Team.

Publisher’s writeup

“Definitive identification tool for the birdwatcher visiting Sri Lanka.” – Bookseller Buyer’s Guide

“Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to bird … Until now, however, there has not been a good quality, comprehensive country guide. Birds of Sri Lanka fills that niche nicely … an excellent piece of work and a true field guide, fitting neatly into a large pocket or small bag … this is the crucial guide for anyone intent on birding on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.” – The Birder’s Library

“Helm has done a great job on the design … wonderfully straightforward to use … I found the general introduction to Sri Lanka, its birdlife and the guide itself to be of great quality … The species accounts themselves are almost faultless … The accompanying range maps are also small, yet large enough to ascertain an accurate impression of each species’ range … The illustrations themselves are of excellent quality … Warakagoda et al. have done such a fine job … that it is fair to say this is a new ‘must’ for anyone visiting the country …” – BIRDGUIDES

“Richard Grimmett and Carol and Tim Inskipp are widely respected as the leading experts on the birds of southern Asia. Their major work was the epic Birds of the Indian Subcontinent … This has already joined it as my fieldguide of choice for Sri Lanka … One feature that should be standard in all fieldguides … is a run down of the families … If you can look at a bird and think to yourself ‘that’s some sort of babbler’ it is then far easier to quickly look in the right place …” – Fatbirder
“Sri Lankan ornithologist Deepal Warakagoda brings a wealth of information … the maps illustrate much of the new distribution data that has emerged in recent years, and are the best available. … Of particular interest is a comprehensive section on birdwatching areas … Traditionally birders have concentrated on sites in the south of the country … This has now changed … This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Sri Lanka’s birds, and is a must if you are travelling to this delightful island.” – British Birds

“… Helm has produced a new Field Guide which in every way comes up to the high standards we have come to expect from this company … I would certainly recommend this book to anyone visiting this fascinating country.” – Scottish Birds

“… the perfect size for the traveller. Super illustrations depict many of the expected plumages and clear distribution maps occur next to the plates.” – BTO

“… the essential new reference for anyone birding in Sri Lanka.” – Birdwatch


35BirdSounds.nl. Birds of Sri Lanka: MP3 sound and image collection. 2008. Deepal Warakagoda and Uditha Hettige*.
* Both authors are members of Bird and Wildlife Team.

This publication will be useful for visiting birders to Sri Lanka to recognize most of the bird sounds they hear in the field.

The MP3-CD contains the sounds of 231 species of birds of Sri Lanka. The sounds are divided into 323 tracks (of 3:30 hours), and images are given of all but six of these species. Sounds and photographs of all the species that are currently recognized as endemic to Sri Lanka are given.

Each recording has been made in the natural habitat of the bird in Sri Lanka. For some species more than one type of sound is presented (a number preceding the name of the species indicates how many types of sounds are included).

The contents are best played on a multimedia tablet or phone. Each picture of each species shows when the sound is played, along with extra information about the recording. The CD can played on any computer (PC or Mac) or MP3-player (it uses 140 MB).

Many extras are included, like a species list (in PDF format) with 224 beautiful photographs and descriptions of the recording locations.

Available with BirdSounds.nl, please follow the link below: