Sri Lanka, a memorable accomplishment!

In early December 2012 Deepal Warakagoda guided us, four Canadians, on a birdwatching tour of beautiful Sri Lanka. Personally and on behalf of Dan + Roberta, and Irving, I would like to THANK Deepal very, very, very much for making our trip to lovely Sri Lanka a memorable accomplishment! It was because of his depth of knowledge, his love of Sri Lanka’s birds & wildlife, his generosity with time
and persistent effort that allowed us to accomplish a successful view of all the Sri Lanka ENDEMICS plus most of the Southern India shared birds. We will not forget the Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush (Zoothera imbricata), Serendib Scops Owl, Sri Lanka
Spurfowl, Green-billed Coucal, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Bush-Warbler, etc..etc..etc.. because of Deepal’s outstanding guiding and planning.

I would recommend the “Bird and Wildlife Team” company to anyone that wishes to see Sri Lanka panoramic natural world, be it for a few days or more than two weeks. They are professionals that know where the birds are and how to best see them. Truly, it was a satisfying experience in Sri Lanka with the “Bird and Wildlife Team”.

Luc Fazio,
Mississauga; Ontario, Canada