SRI LANKA : March 20th to 26th 2017

By Alain Guillemont
For my 4th trip to Sri Lanka, the 2nd with Michel Lejard,
the main target was to look after 2
species missed during the previous visits: Rusty spotted Cat and Fishing Cat.
For that, I asked a Sri Lankan receptive differ
ent from those used during the previous stays:
Bird and Wildlife Team. I didn’t choose them before because their price was much higher than
their colleagues. But after one week with Dulan, our guide, I understood why : a perfect
knowledge of the sites used by the different species and an unfailing availability after a
Night drive from 10pm to 4am, he was still OK for another hour to look after the European
Otter fishing in the pond in front of the reception of our hotel…!!!
The 6 nights with 40 hours of Night drive were shared equally between around Wilpattu
and Sigirya.
Indian Hare Lepus nigricollis
: Every dayaround Wilpattu and Sigirya
Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel Ratufa macroura
Near Wilpattu and Sigirya
Indian Palm Squirrel Funambulus palmarum
Near Wilpattu and Sigirya
Asiatic Long-tailed Climbing Mouse Vandeleuria oleracea
Near Wilpattu and Sigirya
Indian Gerbil Tatera indica
Near Wilpattu
Indian Crested Porcupine Hystrix indica
Near Sigirya
Small Indian Civet Viverricula indica
Near Wilapttu and Sigirya
Asian Palm Civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
1 near Sigirya on March 25th
Golden Dry-Zone Palm Civet Paradoxurus stenocephalus
1 near Wilpattu and 2 near Sigirya
Jungle Cat Felis chaus
1 or 2 every night around Wilpattu and Sigirya
Rusty-spotted Cat Felis rubiginosa
Probably 1 on March 24th along a road inside a tall forest near Sigirya, not far from the site where we saw a Fishing Cat
on March 23rd. Another one, with a very good sight, on March 25th at about the same place.
Fishing Cat Felis viverrina
1 on March 22nd at11pm15 walking at about 4 meters on an embankment in a dry zone near Wilpattu.
1 on March 23rd watching alongside a pond near Sigirya
Leopard Panthera pardus
1 on March 22nd at 6pm inside Wilpattu National Park
Indian Grey Mongoose Herpestes edwardsii
1 near Wilpattu and 1 near Sigirya
Ruddy Mongoose Herpestes smithii
2 times around Wilpattu
Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra
One fishing in the pool just in front of the reception of Sigirya Village Hotel at night
Indian Flying-fox Pteropus giganteus
Near Sigirya
Black-bearded Tom Bat Taphozous melanopogon
In and around Popham Arboretum near Dambulla
Dekhan Leaf-nosed Bat Hipposideros galeritus
In and around Popham Arboretum
Schneider’s Leaf -nosed Bat Hipposideros speoris
In and around Popham Arboretum
Lesser False Vampire Bat
Megaderma spasma
In and around Popham Arboretum
Great Horse-shoe Bat Rhinolophus beddomei
In and around Popham Arboretum
Rufous Horse-shoe Bat Rhinolophus rouxii
In and around Popham Arboretum
Grey Slender Loris Loris lydekkerianus
Every night around Wilpattu and Sigirya
Toque Macaque Macaca sinica
Common in the site of Sigirya
Tufted Grey Langur Semnopithecus priam
Seen in and around Wipattu and Sigirya
Purple -Faced Leaf Monkey Trachypithecus vetulus
Seen at the moat of Sigirya
Eurasian Wildboar Sus scrofa
Near Wilpattu and Sigirya
White-striped Chevrotain Moschiola meminna
At night near Wilpattu and Sigirya
Sambar Cervus unicolor
During the day in Wilpattu National Park and at night near Sigirya
Chital Axis axis
Common around Wilpattu and Sigirya
Indian Muntjac Muntiacus muntjak
1 inside Wilpattu National Park
Asian Elephant Elephas maximus
1 female inside Wilpattu National Park