Tour Comments 2008

Special reptile, amphibian & other wildlife excursions, and cultural excursions organized for Chris Antram and friends, in July 2008, in Sri Lanka.

Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 6:24 PM
Subject: RE: Re: Inquiry – snake watching

“Hi Deepal,

It only seems like yesterday when I last sent you an e-mail prior to our visit to Sri Lanka! I’m sure you’ve heard from Udi what an amazing time we’ve had, especially as a result of the Bird and Wildlife Team! I am so grateful and can’t wait to come on some more tours with you, hopefully to see Yala and more of the coral etc etc.
Gems and I will be in Norfolk during the same week you will be there, so it would be lovely to meet with you at last. We’re attending the wedding of a Hindu friend of mine, who is having a Hindu wedding on Wednesday 20th and the English wedding on Friday 22nd August. Hopefully we could meet up on the Thursday perhaps. Can you let me know where abouts you are staying?

I hope your recent work Udi was telling us about has gone well, and I also look forward to seeing the revised website. Also, I hope the recordings Kate and I did will be of use.
I’ll write a proper report for the website, again probably over the weekend.
Thank you once again for organising the most amazing tours.
Best wishes,

[Chris Antram, UK] Friday, July 18, 2008