Tour Comments 2009

16-day birding tour organized for Garry George, Joseph Brooks & Jeff Brooks, from 14th – 30th Dec. 2009, in Sri Lanka.

“Hi Deepal

Thanks for everything – it was a fantastic trip and you are amazing. I believe Tom and his wife Wendy are interested in coming to Sri Lanka in the future and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who expresses an interest in visiting Sri Lanka. Again, thanks for a great trip.
Happy New Year to you and your family

Jeff ”
[Jeff Brooks, Canada] Monday, January 04, 2010

14-day birding & wildlife tour organized for Andrew Duff and Ann Lawson, from 10th – 24th Dec. 2009, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Lester,

We hope you are well. Here is a copy of our Sri Lanka trip report for your comments… Incidentally, you’ll be interested to know that we got one more species than the last Birdquest
tour, and their whole group missed the whistling thrush!

Again, many thanks for making our trip to Sri Lanka so memorable. As I think we mentioned, we would like you to guide us around the Western Ghats and Andamans sometime in late November or December this year. Please can you put together an itinerary, possible dates and suggested

Best wishes,

Andrew Duff & Ann Lawson”
[UK] Monday, February 01, 2010

“Hi Deepal,

[…] Our Sri Lanka report has now been posted to”

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

25-day combined birding tour organized for Julian & Kathy Donahue, from 16th Jan. – 09th Feb. 2009, in the Andamans and Sri Lanka.

“Dear Lester and Uditha,

We are home, safe and sound, having seen some nice birds in Dubai and vicinity after leaving you, including the Hoopoe Lark. Dubai is an odd place rather like our Las Vegas crossed with Disneyland. We did stay in a wonderful resort in the desert and got to hold a Saker Falcon who was being trained to chase and capture pigeons.

Our thanks to both of you for two wonderful experiences – we had a great time – abrasions and leeches aside. We enjoyed the birding and we really enjoyed meeting and getting to know both of you. Uditha – you must practice making your own tea – just kidding.”

Katharine E. S. Donahue,
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“Hi Deepal,

I haven’t told you yet how greatly Kathy and I enjoyed the Andamans tour with Lester and the Sri Lanka tour with Uditha. Both men are excellent and knowledgeable field guides, as well as being fun to be with during non-birding hours.

Best wishes,
[Julian P. Donahue, Los Angeles, CA] Saturday, April 18, 2008