Tour Comments 2010

One-week birding tour organized for Prem Kumar & group, from 16th – 22th Apr. 2010, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Deepal,

Thank you very much for a wonderful birding trip arranged for us during a short notice.
Though had been to Sri Lanka number of times, this is the first birding trip in Sri Lanka.
We all enjoyed the trip very much.

Lester….yes, we all felt like a family with him and our children enjoyed his company very
much. He kept all of us in the move. Thank you very much for sparing him in the last minute.

And lastly, nevertheless to say about Mr. Sunil and Mr. Prabath, we felt very safe in their hands.

Once again, thank you very much Deepal and looking forward to meet soon for another trip.

Good Luck ! My regards to one and all.

Warm regards,
Prem Kumar”
[India] Saturday, May 01, 2010

16-day birding & wildlife tour organized for Manfred & Petra Rank through Travel Nepal, from 28th Mar. – 11th Apr. 2010, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Lester,

We reached home safe after a long flight and I’m already busy at work. Our minds and hearts are still a bit in Sri Lanka after our wonderful and successful trip with you. We shared some experiences that will never be forgotten in our lives. We have seen all the important birds but it has also been great fun and every day held some special experiences. Highlight for me, as you know, were the Red Slender Loris. Thank you so much for putting such a big effort in finding them for me!

We will definitely recommend your tour company and your personal guidance to our birder friends.

[…] Thanks again, Lester, and all the best for you! Whenever we come back to Sri Lanka (would love to see the north and climb Adam’s Peak and there are so many other things to see…) we hope we will travel with you again or maybe we can travel together in Nepal one day. Take care, […]

Petra & Manfred”
[Manfred and Petra Rank, Germany] Wednesday, April 14, 201

“Hello Lester, Deepal and all from the office,

First of all once more I would like to say thanks to you all for wonderful Birds and wildlife tour for us. We are really proud of what we saw with you in Sri Lanka last month. Wish you all the best for any further tours like that and bless you from Travel Nepal P. Ltd side.
[…] Bye for now and my big Hello to Lester one more.

Bye and wish you all the best.

[Shankar Tiwari, Travel Nepal P. Ltd] Saturday, April 24, 2010

19-day birding & wildlife tour organized for Pierre van der Wielen & group, from 07th – 25th Mar. 2010, in Sri Lanka.

“Dear Deepal,
[…] Okay, that’s it for now about the skua. Now about the trip. I was busy at the office and with working on the pictures so had not taken the time yet to mail you.

Lets start with a big Thank you! The trip went very well and was perfectly organised. Logistics went well. Transport was perfect with plenty of room for us, our stuff and then some. Due to Alma’s leg problems this was very welcome.

Udi [Uditha] as our guide was excellent. I’ve met quite a few guides and none with the knowledge of so many things (birds, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, fishes, frogs, etc) as Udi. Also he proved to be a very nice companion in the field and during our meals. And I know we are not the easiest group to be with […] Still he managed to show us all endemics, the needed near endemics and a lot of other animals. The only serious dips were the loris species. This was a real shame, so close but no sigar… But then we had several great other sightings like the pangolin, blue whales and the flying squirrel.
[…] So, in short. We were very happy to have chosen your Bird and Wildlife Team and have no hesitation to recommend you to other people (in fact, have done so already).

Best regards,

[Pierre van der Wielen, The Netherlands] Monday, April 19, 2010