Why would you choose Bird and Wildlife Team?

There are a number of reasons to choose Bird and Wildlife Team for your birding, wildlife watching or bird/wildlife photography tour in Sri Lanka, or India and the Andaman Islands.

  • Over 25 years of very successful tour leading has provided us unparalleled experience and knowledge to carefully tailor the most suitable tour itinerary to meet the needs of your tour.
  • Many years of experience in organizing highly successful nature tours ensures that your tour will also be a smooth running and a very enjoyable one.
  • Tour leaders in our team are well known and highly acclaimed field ornithologists, wildlife researchers, wildlife photographers, authors on their subjects and nature conservationists in the country. They have been enthusiastic birdwatchers, wildlife explorers and nature photographers since childhood. High success in our tours over many years has been due to their unmatched expertise.
  • Our tour leaders provide very personalized service on our tours through their experience and knowledge to meet the goals of your tour and for it to be a highly successful one for you.
  • Their knowledge on their subjects and filed skills in finding animals are unmatched in the local tourism industry, and you will benefit from this expertise to achieve the goals of your birding, mammal watching or other wildlife holiday.
  • Our tour leaders are well up-to-date with identification details and current taxonomic revisions of birds, mammals and other animals in our region. They are highly capable of assisting you in resolving any identification matters, and are able to further discuss with you the taxonomy and identification of animals you encounter in the field to clear any doubts.
  • Knowledge of animal sounds is a vital tool in finding the desired animals in the field. Our tour leaders posses unmatched knowledge and ability to identify these sounds correctly in the field, and this too is a reason for high success in our tours.
  • We provide A/C vehicles which at least meet the standard required by the local tourism industry, and with drivers who have much experience in doing our birding and other wildlife tours.
  • We provide accommodation from forest lodges to standard tourist hotels to luxury hotels.
  • Costs of our tours are based on the quality of the services we provide, and are highly competitive when so considered.