The natural habitats in Sri Lanka are rich in vibrant wildlife and other nature sounds. Songs of birds, calls of mammals and amphibians, and high-pitched sounds of insects reverberate throughout the year in a variety of habitats. In addition, nature sounds such as the rustling of leaves or the wind blowing through tree canopies, or the flowing of a stream or movement of waves in an open water body may enrich the natural soundscape at any of these locations.

These places provide wonderful opportunities for sound recordists who are looking for tropical soundscapes. Wildlife sound recordists at Bird and Wildlife Team, who are well experienced in the craft, have extensive knowledge of locations suitable for capturing purer wildlife sounds with less noise. Besides having done recording for our personal collections at these locations, we have also organized and conducted successful sound recording tours for foreign wildlife sound recordists.

If you are looking for our natural soundscapes then we can help you, by arranging a very productive sound recording tour to these places, and provide field assistance to find the best recording locations at the sites. We also have experience in recording soundscapes of natural habitats in North India, South India and Taiwan, and can also arrange tours to these destinations.

A Team member capturing soundscapes in North India (2019)

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