Sri Lanka has a very rich diversity of frogs and toads. The island has had a very important place in the region in holding not only a high number of species but also representing ancient lineages of the region’s amphibian fauna. Amazingly, about 90% of the country’s amphibian species, of the 120 species on it known to date, are endemic to it. Many of these species are associated with our woodland habitats and biodiversity-rich forests.

In our specialized amphibian tours we cover a number of amphibian-rich habitats looking for species from tiny colourful endemic shrub frogs to larger frogs and toads. We will cover a tally of about 60 species of amphibians on these tours. We list below species which are possible to find with some effort on our general wildlife tours. To see more, over 50 species of amphibians, on a visit we provide a specialised amphibian-watching tour for enthusiasts.

The table shows the number of possible sites for each species and the number of chances available to try for them on each itinerary. The list is based on The Fauna of Sri Lanka. Status of Taxonomy, Reserch and Conservation. 2006. Editad by C N B Bambaradeniya. IUCN

Note: If the number of ‘chances’ for a species is more than the number of ‘sites’ this indicates that the possibility of finding that species is significantly high and thus it can be expected to be seen on most of our tours. Such species usually seen on most tours are also indicated with: #

SpeciesNumber of possible sites and chances in each itinerary
Itinerary 1Itinerary 2Itinerary 3Itinerary 4
Adenomus kelaartii  E44444433
Bufo atukoralei  E22222211
Bufo kotagamai  E22222211
Bufo melanostictus  889108866
Kaloula taprobanica22332222
Microhyla rubra 11111111
Ramanella variegata 11111111
Uperodon systoma 11112211
Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis 44444444
Euphlyctis hexadactylus33333333
 Fejervarya kirtisinghei E22222222
Fejervarya limnocharis 22222222
Hoplobatrachus crassus44444444
Lankanectes corrugatus E46464646
Nannophrys ceylonensis E23232323
Nannophrys marmorata E11111111
Rana aurantiaca 22222222
Rana gracilis E11334411
Rana temporalis E33333333
Philautus abundus E33333333
Philautus fergusonianus E22222222
Philautus popularis E33333322
Polypedates cruciger E44444444
Polypedates eques E34343423
Polypedates maculatus 33333322